Orchard Beach Car Show

Do you know Vincent Pastore? The actor who played Big Pussy on the Sopranos, among other roles in other movies and stuff! Or maybe you remember him from the funny video I posted a few months ago.

He is a super cool guy!! And he invited me to participate in this event for the 9/11 orphans fund! He was gathering as many super heroes as he could and because they were bringing a bunch of Batmobiles to the show he wanted me as Robin.

The event was today and oh boy!!!! Super crazy awesome!!! And I say crazy because I didn’t expect it to be sooooo busy and huge! So many cool cars, and food and bands playing all day long!!! Even Vincent and a few other Sopranos performed!

Loads of things went wrong today! And for a brief second I almost gave up going. For the first time I woke up on time, got ready quickly and was out of the door at the time I planned. But my car broke, then I missed the train, then the train was late….

Everything was telling me not to go.

But I felt so bad!

I had given my word and I TRULY hate when I commit myself to something and I can’t do it.
For whatever reason I can’t make it, It makes me feel so awful.
And I am sooooo happy I went even though everything told me not to!
It was a great event for an amazing cause!

I hung around the batmobiles for a while, danced, posed for GAZILLION pictures, lost my phone, met some cool people and great actors!!!!
It was awesome!

I got just a few pictures for now, people promised me they would send me the ones they took so now I just have to wait.

And I was so stressed and tired of some shit going on in the “real world” but honestly, these kind of events sometimes bring things into perspective, you know?!?
Remembering the reason why we were all there, just makes me realize that whatever stuff is going on, it’s nothing compared to what some families went through.
It makes me more thankful for what I have and even for how all the bad stuff went on. It could have been so much worse.
Who knew that being a dork and a Chick in Costume would be so rewarding and fulfilling!








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