New costume


So… Ray Park, who played Snake Eyes on the GI Joe movies, is going to be at SuperMega Fest in November! I met Ray a couple of years ago (HE IS AWESOME) and saw him again this year at Wizard World, both in Philly and NYC!
In NY he actually told me to do a female version of his Snake Eyes!!! I love the idea!
But it’s a very intricate costume, with quite a few armor pieces, which I am not very comfortable in making them just yet! Besides all that, I think the costume would end up a bit over the budget I have left for this year! (Seriously! Tiana got a bit more expensive than I expected!!)

I ended up watching Retaliation a couple of weeks after I talked to Ray! (I know, I know! Embarrassing! Lol) and I had the brilliant idea of making Jinx instead!
It’s a simple costume! (The red one she wears when practicing with Snake Eyes) and to make things better I had enough red fabric left from my Hermione dress! Fabric and lining!!! 🙂

A few years ago a group of friends was planning on making a GI Joe group. I was still deciding what I wanted to make since the cool girls were already taken, and Jinx was on the top of my list! (And a female snake eyes!!! Lol oh Ray did you have a crystal ball??? Lol)
But I decided on Jinx!!!! 🙂 and finally started working in it!

I swear to you!!!! It doesn’t matter how many times I measure myself (maybe I’m doing it wrong) I think I am a 250lb, double F, 6′ tall woman! Because even after measuring, things still come out too big! :/
If it wasn’t for that (paired with crazy busy weekends) I’d have finished the top already!!!

The good thing is that it was too big! So it was easy to just put it on and fit me properly!!! Now it looks great!

The zipper I had was too small and the right size was purple hahah so I had to wait until I had time to go buy another one!!!! But I sewed the fabric side of the top and put the purple zipper on so I could wear it and fit it! It was quite difficult to pin the top while wearing it, so I took turns between myself and my dress form! (She is a tad bit bigger than me)

I plan on buying red leggings if I can find a red that matches. Otherwise I will have to go shopping for a red stretchy fabric that matches hahahah I’m just trying to get some short cuts here so finding the leggings would be perfect instead of driving to Joann’s :/ (I wish I had a Joann’s close to me! Such a pain to have to drive to Milford)

The apron… I feel a bit weird about using my expensive real leather for this, but at the same time I don’t want to spend more money, even with faux leather or leather like vinyl! And I basically have half a cow sitting on my fabric bin!!!!
So I’m gonna use that anyways!!! Right now I’m researching on how to paint it instead of staining it!!! (Any ideas please!!!! Share!!! )

And all I need to buy now are the red boots, 2 katanas, red fingerless gloves and and a black long wig!!!!

Yummy red fabric! I think that’s cotton crepe! Not sure!!! 😛 I need to keep a better track of the name of the fabrics I use!!!

Sew, sew, sewing!!!!

purple zipper just for testing!!! 20130913-103604.jpg

I can’t ever match both sides. It drives me crazy! Should I just match this and not care about the top??? 20130913-103617.jpg

top ready for fitting20130913-103644.jpg

the zippers I go (the only red ones they had at the store) don’t match the fabric very much! They are invisible zippers so they will be fairly hidden, but I still can’t decide which one I’m gonna use! I am leaning towards the darker one! 20130913-103709.jpg

it was sooo big that the top of the back was all the way up on my head! Lol 20130913-103723.jpg


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