A few more pics!

Found these pics at the Con Men Facebook page. I kind of like the pic I’m walking!
It was NOT easy to walk at all.
I never were a gown like this and somehow I had the stupid idea that I could walk normally because of the petticoat. (Never were one of these big ones either)
Big mistake.
I have to lift it up to walk!
It annoyed me that every time I picked it up it make my flower stem all crocked lol
And honestly after a while my fingers hurt (I has to hold on it pretty right cause with the gloves it was very slippery! Hahahah
Oh the things a princess has to go through!! Hahahah
I wonder if the bigger petticoat will make it worse or easier to walk! Hahaha

Btw, it’s here! The new one has arrived.
The one I wore at ComiCONN had 3 hoops! This one has 6!!! 😀

I will do a test tomorrow and will post pics!!!
But for now… More ComiCONN!!!







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