I am officially a Princess :)

So it’s official! Yesterday was the 4th CT ComiCONN and I finally got to debut my princess Tiana costume after working on it for 4 months.

Yep! You heard it right! 4 months.


I’m definitely not 100% satisfied with it. But I decided it was time to take it out on the world! Then I can work on the kinks and things I think didn’t work.

I was highly nervous about the wig. But it ended up working fine even with some mistakes I made when putting it on! (First time putting on a lace wig.)

The petticoat is actually too small! I need a larger on for sure. Which will definitely look much better but be so much harder to walk around.
I need a 6 hoop one. The one I have has 3 hoops and I was already getting stuck everywhere and hard to walk among to many people. But it’s ok! As long as it looks good, right?!?

But besides all that it was AMAZING. So different being a princess than being a super hero. I always had a hard time trying to look badass!!! Hahahaha
But it was very very easy to just walk around smiling, and with princess hands! (I’ve been practicing!!! Lol)
And the kids!!!!
OMG their reactions were soooooo amazing and real it was touching.

A few little girls freaked out and couldn’t barely talk when they saw me. There were 2 little ones who couldn’t stop screaming “it’s princess tiaaaaanaaaaa” even when posing for the picture.
The other one saw me outside and the mother told me they were going inside and she threw a fit because she wanted to see me first!

So much fun to see their reactions and think that I am the real deal!!!
And one of the best moments was as soon as I got out of the elevator and a guy came up to me and asked me if I worked for Disney! 🙂

I cannot wait to wear it again!

I don’t have good pictures yet. I’m waiting for friends to post up the ones they took!
But here is one. A bit too dark!!! But nice



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