Princesses need shoes

As the days to ComiCONN get closer and closer I feel like I can do it. I can finish this. All the details are done: gloves, jewelry, tiara… The only thing really missing besides the actual dress is the shoes.

I was going to buy one of those dancer shoes. Silver because they don’t have the right green.
They have a little heel and seem to be comfortable enough to walk around all day on them. Well… That’s what I was hoping since they are dance shoes right?!?

But as time gets closer and closer I feel like I don’t wanna spend money with those shoes. What if they end up KILLING MY FEET?!?

I have tons of costume shows that KILL my feet. But it seems a bit silly when you can’t even see them!

Around 3 years ago I bought these black flats for a costume. (Sally, from being human) and ended up never doing it. I don’t usually wear flats so the shoes just stay there, taking up space and dust.
But then it hit me! I could dye them and glitter them up!
Well not actually dye, really paint them. Lol


I washed them first. I was afraid whatever was on it would not help hold the glitter onto it. My thought was… If it survives the washing machine… It’s meant to be! Lol it did!

I painted white first! I didn’t want any black showing off through the glitter.


The fabric sucked up the paint of course so it wasn’t super white like that for too long!


So after it dried I painted with metallic fabric paint. It’s a spray and its a pain in the butt. After 2 little squeezes the thing stopped working. I was so mad. I wanted to return it but couldn’t find the receipt. The poor shoes stayed like that 3 days when I decided to force that bitch to work.
It did. Just enough for me to finish spraying them and then it stopped again.

I think it gave a good base for the glitter.
No black what so ever shows though it!


And so, Tiana got shoes!
Now on to sewing some more snaps!


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