ComiCONN and a Princess

At this point I don’t even think Tiana will be ready for CT ComiCONN in 10 days! The dress itself is ready!
I do want to add some more snaps just for safety. I also want to add some boning on the back petals! They fall over, EXACTLY like the dress at the Park! But it’s bugging me! So I need to figure out a way of sewing that on without the machine! (Can’t have all the stitches showing! And the plastic is hat to see by hand!) will probably have to get some fabric casing of some sort!

I also really want a bigger petticoat. Will get one today and hope it will arrive on time. We. It’s here I will probably have to resew the white petals on the skirt cause they will change positions a bit.

And the wig! Oh the wig! I sat down to work on it yesterday! Finally!
I tried to do it while wearing it just to make sure it would fit this time!


I didn’t work!!!!!

So I worked on the wig head again! Changed some things, definitely didn’t pull the hair as much a I did before.
Actually I didn’t pull at all!

It looks ok! Not as puffy as the park one!
And I thought my first try looked more crisp and nicer!
But hey!
At least it looks like Tiana right???







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