Sorry I haven’t posted in sooo long. I hit a wall. 😦 and big rocky wall that is worrying me quite a bit!

The wig didn’t work out. I mean, ok, it did look good! It wasn’t as big as the one from the park, but at least it was the correct up do!

But it seems that I pulled the hair in it too much, making impossible for the wig cap to stretch enough to fit my head. 😦

Yep! It didn’t fit! Soooo frustrating. This costume is definitely giving me more trouble than my stormtrooper last year!

And the more frustrated I get the more I want to work in something else. (Already got 2 other ideas inundated for costumes I want ready for October/November)

And time is going sooo freaking fast!
I got basically 3 weeks for ComiCONN and one of those weekends I will be at Monster Mania! (Come say hi!!! Ill be the short red head working with Carrie Fisher on Sunday all day!!!)

I think I am going to the wig store and buy some extra hair to add to the wig! And some bun or stuff to make it bigger. Lets see!
I NEED to finish this soon!

Oh yeah!!! I also added “pearls” to the top of the dress! It looks nice!!!




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