Oh the week after a con

Post Con Depression anyone???? Seriously!
Every time is the same thing! I just miss those people very much!
And honestly, work weeks are boring!!!! Hahahah

But there are the pictures to remind me of the amazing fun we had! This one is one of my favorites so far!


That’s Jen in the pic with me! She is also our Batgirl!

Well! Today I have the day off!!! Have been lazy so far, doing laundry and playing call of duty! Lol
But I have to finish Tiana!
And I really want to do a make up test for it! I can’t believe I haven’t done it yet! I also need to try the wig!
I am soooo scared that putting it on will damage the hair do!
It was soooooo much work!

Oh well! But it has to be done right?
Got a little more than 2 months for ComiCONN! (Next con ill be attending in costume!) so I gotta get ready!

Oh btw… I am still deciding! But I may attend Monster Mania in the beginning of August. I had already planned to NOT go for the weekend and save up that money for Rhode Island Comic Con. But I just found out the cast of Being Human gonna be there.
I HAVE to go see them!

I don’t wanna spend the money with all 3 autos but I definitely want Sam’s! Witwer! I love Aidan! Well! I love the other ones too but… Sam is Starkiller! And Maul’s voice in the Clone Wars! And Aidan needs a hug, because OH MY GOD! He suffered enough this past season!!!!

Ooohhh I think I’m gonna watch Being Human now!!!! Miss their faces!



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