WWNYC – big win!!!!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s over already 😦
Fun cons come and go waaaay to fast!!!


And so what are my impressions of the very first WIZARD WORLD NEW YORK CITY EXPERIENCE???


The venue!
It was interesting! I had never been to a con in a place other than a convention center, or a hotel! I had never seen Basketball City and was pretty curious!
The place is great! It was much smaller than for example, WW Philly, but much bigger than any con in a hotel!
I think the AC could have been a bit higher… Lol but the place was impeccably clean, and staff from the venue kept clean through out the day! No nasty stinky bathroom in the end of the like so many other places I’ve seen!


The guests
Come on!!! Don’t even need to ask that! SOOOOO COOL!!! Wizard World does have some pretty cool people on their tour and a lot of them were there!!!

My favorites of all times!!! Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus! Always a huge pleasure to see them!

Ray Park!!! Darth Maul in the flesh!!!! Sooo cute!!

Anthony Michael Hall! Nicest guy ever!

Danai!!! OMG that woman is GORGEOUS!!! And sooo nice! Chatted with her a little bit about a movie she did and that it was shot down the street from my place!!!

Oh and OMG saw Ralph Macchio for the first time! He looks amazing. I still find “scary” that he is now the same age as Pat Morita when they’ve done the first Karate Kid!!! O.o he still has that babyish face!!!

Vincent Pastore! The guy is way too cool!!!


Things I got
Finally I got a Greg Horn print. I always wondered about that guy! I had never heard of him before until going to cons around here and seeing his table absolutely packed. I was curious. I confess a few times I did not have the patience to wait for my turn to look at his work. But I did yesterday. LOVED IT! My friend got me the print all heroes are in the theater. Love Wolverine trying to steal the Hulks popcorn hahaha

I also got a tshirt from TeeTurtle. And I’m in love with them! I got the avatar one! But I also want the game of thrones. And a couple others.
They will bankrupt me! Hahaha

I got rooker’s autograph on my Merle action figure! And Vincent gave me 2 autographed pics! Rooker gave me one as well!!!!


But as always… For me at least… Best part of a con is hanging out with people I ADORE but only see at cons!!! My favorite con buddies, Neil, Jenn and Ruby, John, Liz, Kristin and her hubby Will…
My favorite crazy girls Tina, Rachael, Tep, Maricel, Sarah, Juliette…




Met some new people of course, and just had sooooo much fun!
Miss all of them already so much Post con depression is already kicking in!!!!

Until next time my friends!!!








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