WIP: Princess Tiana

I’ve been super lazy and have not worked on this costume as much as I should (especially because I have 2 more in mind that I want to do this year)

I was feeling super guilty so I finished the wig Sunday night.

It’s not perfect at all. I so like the French twist but the roll on top is not big enough. 😦

The wig is awesome. (O-zone Danielle or Stephanie – I forgot) but it could use more hair to make the things fuller.

But it’s ok! It’s not that bad and it will have to do it!

I also ended up using regular hair spray instead if just the wig spray I got.
I used Dove hair spray. It’s very nice and holds everything nicely. And it smells so good!!!

I’m afraid to put it on tho! :S I will have to give it a try before I take it somewhere.





2 thoughts on “WIP: Princess Tiana

  1. That last picture, of the right profile looks really great! When I scrolled onto it the blank mannequin face looked a lot like Tiana to me so I’m guessing you’ve got that shape nailed down better than you think! I’ve never worked with wigs before I’d be scared that I’d tear it to shreds while I was trying to shape it.

    • Thank you!!!! It was my very first time working with wigs like this. And to make things worse it was the very first lace wig I ever bought. Lol and she was gorgeous!!! So scary to mess with it!!! I wish the top roll was bigger… But… Maybe next time πŸ˜‰

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