Stolen Soul Photography

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Stolen Soul Photography, set up a small studio at their hotel room at SMF to take pics of the awesome cosplayers at the con!

Last year a photographer I didint know was doing the same and told me to come up! I even considered going when he mentioned he wanted to do some boudoir pictures! I was like… WHAT?!
It was kind of weird so I didn’t go!

But this year…. I know Allan and William from Stolen Soul and they are soooo awesome!! So I went! I’m glad I did. Their pics came out pretty cool and I don’t mean just mine! Everybody’s!!!

They are amazing!!!!!!




And I really wanted to take a silly face one hahah


Thank you Mood!

Ok I’ll say it again!

This time around I went there to look up fabric for a costume for my niece.
My original idea was to make her a nice Snow White (she is perfect for it) to replace the shitty one she has now!

I wanted to make something nice!, like just a small version of any Disney cosplayer gown!
When I called home tho, to get her size and measurements, of course I learned that her favorite princess is Elsa. Oh boy!
It seems the whole cosplaying world is making Elsa costumes, and most of them are awful. :/
I was sure I’d stay away from the Elsa group… And I even told everybody at home… It will be a bitch to make it, and expensive! :/

To make it the way I think it needs to be made! You know?

Everybody understood. And I am sure Isadora would be happy with Snow White!
Buuuut when I for to mood I couldn’t resist but look around for something Elsa!!!!

I ended up finding a pretty nice shine ice blue one and that had me!

Fabric won’t be hard! Sewing won’t be an issue.
But… I want the perfect sequins on the too and crystals on the train (cape! She is 4. She will trip on a cape)
I bought just 20 gross of crystals and that was 50 bucks. Just that. By
It even counting the fabric! And I still have to find the sequins.

But I am excited. I’ve made men costumes one, and baby once as well. But this is the first time I sew for a 4 year old. It will be exciting.



ELSA fabric


I can’t wait to start!!!!

Super Megafest

Super Megafest has come and gone!
What a fun weekend!!!!

My line up for the con was…
Friday night: CTG cheerleader! I never wore it. Hahah I just got too lazy!

Saturday day:
First half of the day: Zatanna
Second half of the day: the joker
Night: Chiquinha

Super fun day and 3 costumes!
People always asks me how many costumes did you bring? Hahahah
Little they know I even had one I never wore! Hahah

By the way, chiquinha, Chaves and patty came out pretty cool!
I know people had no clue what we were doing hahahha they all asked and said even though they had no idea, that we looked nice.
I think so too!

And the very few that knew… Were sooooo excited! I am soooo happy we did it!


I don’t have that many other pictures tho! I took a bunch but they are very blurry!
I will add more SMF pics as I get them!

One more????

So after spending the whole year without finishing one single costume… I am finishing my 4th in 2 weeks.
That is def some sort of personal record!



This one is more of a joke! It is what I like to call a BAR COSTUME!
For Saturday night at Super MegaFest! People always put in some fun costumes just to hang out at the bar at this con, some even do amazing group costumes!
And this one I’m making now was a crazy last minute moment!

Growing up in Brazil Mexican tv shows were everywhere. Especially those stupid soap operas, but also an old old children’s show called CHAVES.

So you have an idea how old this show is, when I was a kid 3 or 4 of the main cast were already dead! Yep! That’s how old it is!

It’s been on tv in Brazil forever and everyone loves its silliness and innocence!

So apparently it was the same thing in most countries in South America, cause a couple of friends of mine also grew up watching it! So yep! That’s what we decided to wear for the bar Saturday night: A TURMA DO CHAVES!

I’m Chiquinha, my friend will be Chaves and his girlfriend will be Patty!
I’m making my costumes from scratch, his is all store bought pieces, and I will be making Patty’s out if some hideous night gown! Lol (we had no time to go but fabric and the night gown had the perfect floral pattern for it!

So I guess that officially makes 5 costumes in 2 weeks! Lol
I am on a roll! Hahahah

New costume!

I couldn’t stop thinking about a new costume. A new project!
For a while now, I have been wanting to make a costume with lots of armor so i can use lots of worbla! (I love worbla!!!) something I haven’t done before!

That’s basically what I want to concentrate on now: Things I havent done before! I had never done a costume with prosthetic and body paint! DONE!
Now I want to do armor and wings. But not together! Hahaha the wings I would love to make just wouldn’t match up with armor! (I wanna make something like fairy wings! Delicate looking!)

It was hard to find an armor costume that I liked. I don’t want Mando! (Although there are a couple Mando characters is love to make one day, but I did make Mando armor just a couple of years ago for the CTG group costume at SMF)
I also don’t want another Wonder Woman… At least not for another year hahaha (there are way too many wonderful Wonder Woman versions out there and I wish I could make them all!)

Anime seems to have some pretty badass female armored characters! But I’m not into anime! So it seems silly! I still feel I need to have a connection to the costume to justify that amount of time and money I’d invest in it!

In my research I found Lady Sif. I’m not familiar with the character though and I haven’t even watched Thor (neither of them) but I like the armor! A lot!
It’s a mix of armor and leather and I love it! I like her battle look which will give me the opportunity to do some fx make up as well (the cut on her face) that I have never done before!

I have watched her battle scene… I think it’s on the second Thor, and also started reading a bit about the character… Just get more familiar with her story!
And what’s exciting me more about this costume is that FINALLY I will have a marvel costume! :D
I do have one! psylocke! Which I wore ONCE because it makes me feel a bit naked hahaha I love it though so I haven’t even thought about selling it! But I don’t have any plans of wearing it again!
And besides Psylocke ALL my costumes are DC or Disney! :P
It will be nice to have a another marvel one!!!! ;)

Right now I’m doing some drawing… Piece by piece so I can see all the details and trying to figure out how to do stuff! Like carving craft foam, doing the edges on the worbla, etc!!!!

I have lots of leather (real one) and quite a bit of worbla left (will need more though) I found a fabric that mimics chainmail (a more delicate look) and I’m ordering some swatches to see if it will work! If it doesn’t work that will mean I will need to get my hand into chainmailing as well! EXCITING HuH???


I’m super excited already! And since I have lots of materials left over I can pretty much start working on it already!!!!!

Always exciting to have a new project!

I also feel it’s time to get back to jasmine! What you think?!?

Oh and I just got 2 ideas for costumes with wigs!!!! :)

Soooo exciting!!!!


I’m gonna say it again!!! This is one of my most favorite cons ever! If not the FAVORITEST! Hahah yep! That good! With of making up words for it.

It’s that kind of con that is big, but now annoyingly big like NYCC, and basically everyone I know in New England goes attends it!
It’s fun all day and night long, with great guests and fun stuff to see during the day, and super cool parties at night! Then… The party always goes in in someone’s room!!!! ;)

Like always I barely take pics at cons! I usually don’t have pockets or don’t even carry my phone with me!
Seriously, who needs a phone or log on social media when social life is right there in front of you waiting to be lived and enjoyed?!? Right???

But here are a few if the pics I took during the weekend!!!













So much fun! I miss my RICC family a lot already!!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!! :)