PCD – post con depression 

I already miss RICC SO MUCH! 

It was just soooo much fun! 

If you didn’t go, you missed it!!!!! 

Like always I don’t spend much time on my phone while I’m on the con floor. Not even for pictures. 

I even left my phone in my room quite a few times! I don’t really mind being away from it but it does mean I take very few pictures during the day!!!!! 

Here are a few of them! 

Great moments with great friends!!!!!! 

Opening Ceremony with the New England Garrison (and a few CTG ers)   

Night time shenanigans with Scott and Eric! 

 New costume debut!!!! This is what I slaved in for the past week!!!!


Wonder Woman Sunday for the kidsCon!!!    

Last minute? Again! 

It’s becoming a tradition! 

Last minute costumes for RICC is becoming a tradition. 

I just decided yesterday to make a whole new costume! WHAT??????? 

Long story short, I ended up going to Walmart for fabric because I had no time to drive 40 minutes to go to joanns! (Seriously joanns! Time to open a store around this area!) 

And thanks to the super rude woman who cuts the fabric I ended up getting everything for free! 

I had to buy a special hat (hint hint) and pay express shipping for it because otherwise I wouldn’t get it in time… So it ended up being SUPER cool to end up not spending a penny with the fabric! (And thanks to the manager who dealt with the issue promptly) 

As always the costume is a surprise but just so you know… I’m not sleeping this week! 

Whaaaat?????? Sleeping is overrated anyways! Lol 



I know I haven’t posted in soooo long. I sort of took a few months off of making costumes and worrying about them! It’s been nice and I miss it! Especially now with my 2 favorite cons coming up I’m getting the itch! 

Let’s see what I can put together in less than a month!!! 


And first con on my schedule this end of the year is RICC! 

If you have never been, SERIOUSLY! What are you waiting for???

They guest list is amazing and HUGE! 

There’s always someone or something to please everyone!

And there’s me! Hahahahah

I will be there!!!!!  


Do you believe in Magic? 

Now I do! 

Or at least I believe that dreams can come true!!!! 

When I was little all I ever wanted to do was go to Disney world! One day I asked my mom if there would ever be possible for her and my dad to take me there! She said NEVER! 

Soooo like tiana says: I worked really hard, each and every day… And so, I took myself there! (Now you know one of the reasons why I love tiana so much) 

This was my 7th time at Disney but it’s always very special! This time around even more so because of this!!!! 


That’s me! Tiny TK marching in a parade inside a Disney Park! WHAAAAAT????? 

Yep. How amazing is that???? 

Seriously when we stepped off, I was cool! We did the first turn and I saw the stage with all the Star Wars things… I think goofy Vader was up there cause I remember seeing the helmet head! All the SWW stuff I had only seen on YouTube! And then… That was it! 

I cried so hard inside my helmet! (Thank goodness for helmets hahaha)

I can’t explain exactly how I felt!!!! I mean!!!! PARADE!!!!!!! DISNEY!!!! ME!!!!! THERE!!!!!!! MARCHING!!!!!!! 


then someone out in the crowd shouted: ARENT YOU TOO SHORT FOR A STORMTROOPER???? 


Oh lady thank yoooou! Cause then I stopped crying and started laughing… At the same time I did my best to not move my head and keep pace with the tk next to me!!!! 

And then I thought…. WOW!!! 

What are all the crazy AMAZING AWESOME things I got to do because of the Legion?????? Besides all the amazing people I got meet because of the 501st!!!! 

I would not  be there, walking that parade, if I wasn’t 501st!!!!!! 

I swear, my heart was sooooo soooooo sooooo grateful I started crying again!!!!!!

Then thank goodness a friend in the crowd called my name and made me laugh again!!!!!! 😄

Of course! I cannot forget to thank the florida Garrison and Lance, cause the amount of work these people put on this troop, to make it happen, is just unbelievable! And the FLG staff and the Disney cast members took really good care of us, making sure we were all hydrated and looking sharp!!!! 

Thank you so so so so much guys! You rock!  


Very productive weekend

Well! I guess I can say that, right?!?
My tests with the Sif armor went well, although I think I will skip the wood putty!
The shellac works pretty good and it’s very smooth!
I got some automotive primer, and chrome paint! Will do that tonight if I have time!!! I’m afraid the chrome paint will bring up all the imperfections on my sanding… So let’s see!

Besides that, I finished Esmeralda’s skirt! I made it a elastic band waist because it was easier, but I feel that it’s too bulky! :/ I’m gonna make the corset and stuff and see how it looks together but I am almost sure I’ll end up changing it and making a regular waist band for it!



And yesterday I spent around 10, 11 hours flying crystals on Elsa’s cape!
I know it sounds crazy but by the end of the day I literally couldn’t stop hahaha I had to shower, do my hair, clean up… But I couldn’t stop! How crazy is that????
I put on some tv shows on Netflix (999 park ave and Cult) and just glued the day away! Soooo relaxing!!!!



I don’t really think those crystals will last for too long with a 4 year old and parents who have no clue how much work and time and money we put into costumes…. But that’s ok! I still want to make them as nice and beautiful as possible!!!!!
Cause that’s just how I roll! Lmao

Lady Sif – the beginning of a worbla armor

I haven’t worked with worbla much. All I’ve made so far were tha Wonder Woman pieces from last year, and I really loved working with it.
Lady Sif will be the first time I have to make that many pieces.
With worbla!
I am pretty excited.
And pretty intimidated!!
I’ve been sketching and researching a lot for the past few months, so when I got home today and realized I used the wrong glue for the crystals yesterday….
Yep! I did!
Elsa’s cape glued to the glass cutting board I put under the fabric. :(
It wouldn’t budge. At all and when I tried harder to take it off… I ripped the fabric and half of the crystals fell off O.o
Tonight I used my heat gun and gently warmed up the glue. It came off easily but I don’t have time to go to Joan’s or Michael’s to get a different one.

And since I can’t work on elsa… I started tests for SIF!

Yeeeey worbla!!!!!


Totally wrapped my leg on plastic and tape! We all know that’s the best way to make a pattern the will fit you properly!
But it was very hard to draw it from that position!!! :S






I transferred everything to paper and then cut in foam.

I used the sandwich method because… Even tho I know using only one layer of worbla will save up loads of money, making it like this totally makes stronger pieces.


I used wood putty. Just as a test. I don’t think it will be actually necessary but I’m testing some of the techniques I saw to smooth worbla. It’s time consuming but hopefully it will be worth it!