It’s a wrap!Β 

So yep! 

Con season is over! And it ended with a bang!!!! 

A good one that is! 

RICC was this past weekend and it was amazing! 

I was super busy all weekend long… so busy I barely saw the con itself apart from walking an hour or so on Sunday! 

I did get Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s autograph on Saturday, thanks to a good friend Javier Rosado and his wife Omayra. They bought the auto before the con and didn’t realize it was for Saturday! Since they were attending the con only in Sunday, they gave the auto tkt to me! 


I was sooo soooo happy! That was the only autograph I actually wanted but with the  possibility of having to move soon, I just couldn’t justify spending $85 on a scribble! (Very special scribble! But still!) 

So when Javier told me I could have it I literally danced up and down on my bed!!!! Lol 

It was insane to actually get the autograph. There was apparently 400 people on his line and I had just 20 minutes before I had to be lining up people for the contest! 


But thanks to very understanding people I was able to get the autograph! And I even got a hug and a kiss from Jeffrey!

If you know me, you know I don’t fan girl very often! I can count on one hand thebtimes I did it and this was def one of them!!!! 


Of all people I never ever imagined I’d meet him and although I did quit the walking dead, I do have to thank the show. If it wasn’t for it I don’t think JDM would ever do signings at a con! So yep! Thanks TWD!!!!! 

The costume contests, both kids and adults went well! Thank goodness! The after party was super fun!!!! I just wish I had more time tΓ΄ Hang out with friends!!!! But thanks ok! 

I am actually con season is over. Even though I haven’t done many cons this year, I’m glad to  Just stay home and not have to worry about cons and costumes. (Even if I’m already planning ComiCONN in my head! lol FOXWOODS HERE WE COME!!!) 

But for. I will just be home and relax with my pup!!!! 

Oh… yeah! But I do need to fix my wings! And finish my scout! 

Oh! And I need to work on my secret costume for celebration! 

Oh well! There’s no rest for the wicked! Lol 

Here are some of the pics I took this weekend. 

I didn’t take many! Well actually these are all the picture I took hahah too busy to even get my phone out for a pic! Lol 

And me! Busy at work!!! 


No excusesΒ 


I have no excuses what so ever! 

2016 has been the slowest year for me so far since I started costuming. 

I could give you plenty of excuses. 

– my dog getting sick in the beginning of the year threw me off. I reduced the number of cons I attended this year to just cons I am working at. And I didn’t dress up. 

– I got lazy. No motivation at all. Just could NOT find it. 

– didn’t want to spend money on costumes. So the options I had were costumes I already had the materials. 

– the little motivation I was able to find got lost pretty quickly every time I got stuck in some part of the costume. 

Alright! Alright! These are not excuses. I’m just whining. 


But I did have a lot on my plate this year and every time I was home and had some free time, all I wanted to do was relax and cuddle with my pup! 

And time just freaking FLEW by! And now the year is almost over. 

Thanks to Super Megafest, the only con I attended for fun, I was able to find enough motivation to finish Zarina. 

But first, of course, I got stuck! Lol 

So I sat down to work on the sword. 

I read somewhere that this girl made the sword completely out of worbla scraps. Of course there was no tutorial, but I was like… hey I have worbla. I can do it! 



It started pretty ok I thing! I designed the shape from scratch and there we go! 


Nope! Didn’t work! Scratch that! 

Try again! 


One more time! 


I got a good looking shape and then I just couldn’t get it smooth 😒

Then I talked to a friend who’s the foam armor master. Got some tips, and tried with just foam! That would be easier to get it smooth right? 

Right! But I wasn’t able to get it in a good shape! 


I gave up. 

I had ordered a plastic one from a kids costume accessory thingie. It was too small of course but that was better than nothing. 

I cut the Z and added to the “stick” I had made. 

I painted silver and voila. Completely disproportional, but better than nothing. 

Solution for the future? 

Commission a 3D print of it! 

After painting the skirt and having the pieces laying around my living room for. I this I finally sewed it together. 

That was the last piece that needed to be sewn. 

At this point I was running against time. 

The con was a week away and because I had been stuck with the sword, I still had quite a few details to make! 

The earring and bracelet were easy and quick but the earrings are missing 2 blue beads each. I just couldn’t find beads that were a good size but had a large hole to actually got through the earrings. Oh well. 

They will be mostly hidden under my hair anyways. 

Oh and that’s another reason why I’m not getting the ears. 

No one will see them anyways. 

I had decided to make the belt out of pieces of wood and use 3D puffy paint for the details. 

Well first attempt didn’t work. I made the mistake of covering the pieces of wood with gesso and sanded the crap out of it. 

But still didn’t get it smooth enough! 😦 

Then I did it again. No gesso. Just sanded the wood, covered with shlac and AWESOME! 

I painted first then added the details. The 3D paint dried to match the spray paint perfectly. πŸ™‚ yey so happy. 

I had to wait for the 3D paint to dry really well tho. It kept glueing to the pieces wherever they touched. 

And with almost everything done and out of the way I got the wings out ready to give it the last details. 

Omg can I tell you how much I wanted to cry????? 

The wings wouldn’t stay up! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Omg 😲 Just wanted to die. 

SMF was 3 days away and my wings weren’t working. 

I knew exactly where the problem was so I sat down to fix it and!!!!! 

Almost chopped my finger off. 


How to work on a costume when your finger won’t stop bleeding???? 

2 days to go! No finger and no wings. 


Then just because I wasn’t behind enough, why. It make something else? Sounds good to me! 

Blue pixie dust in a jar coming right up! 


If you don’t know the story, Zarina was a Dust Keeper fairy and she leaves Pixi Hollow after a dust mishap and becomes a pirate. She is the captain in Hooks ship actually, intends the make pixie dust to help the pirates do pirate things. She goes back to Pixie hollow and steals the blue dust (what they use to make pixie Dust. The whole movie is basically about the dust that she carries in a bag. How can I not have that????? 

Painting glass with midge podge. 

I couldn’t find the tiny little led lights so I got snowflakes for now. 

A productive Sunday

Finally a productive day! 

It’s not even that I got too much done but what I worked on was a very slow and tedious process! 

I cut the fabric, and unfortunately I don’t have enough of it to make a lining for it! :/ I personally think it will be fine without it and maybe even better bring all flowy with just one layer, but I wanted to try to see how it looked like. I always like to buy a lot more fabric than I need, but this particular one they didn’t have anymore of what I bought. 😦 

Sure I could run to Joanns again and see if they have more but I hate having to drive for 45 minutes just to get some more fabric to make a test! You know what I mean?!? 

So mostly what I did was cut the fabric, transfer all the pleats markings, and the slowest part of it all: transfer the Z design to the fabric. 

I wanted to paint everything BEFORE I sewed the pleats in place. Much easier.

The fabric pen I got and used on the headband didn’t work on this fabric. 

I am so glad I did a test before hand.

The pen is silver and very pretty, but as you use it it leaves this sort of wet lines around the silver. It dried out and des appeared on the headband fabric but not on the skirt fabric 😦 

Looked sooooo awful.

So I’ll have to do the outlines on the designs all by hand with a small brush. 

I don’t have the most steady hand to do that so I know it won’t be perfect. But it will be much better than having those weird wet looking lines around the whole thing. 

Of the 4 designs on 4 skirt panels u was able to finish 2 yesterday. Then I had to dye my hair. Lol 

I’ll try to do some work this week because I’m definitely not doing anything this coming weekend. It will be a busy one! 

Got the CTG Family Pic Nic Saturday and Sunday may go to Boston check out walker stalker!!!!! 

Missed my deadline

So Conencticon was today and I didn’t even go. Yep I missed my deadline 😦 

This week wasn’t very productive. 

I got stuck draping the skirt and spent more time cursing Christian Siriano (from Project Runway and the guy who designed Zarina’s outfit. Damn you Siriano! Couldn’t it be just a straight forward skirt?!?!?! ) than actually getting somewhere with it. 

After a massive waste of muslin trying to replicate the skirt and gave up and decided to make it just ‘close enough’.

Doesn’t make me happy at all, I’ll tell you that! 😦 

But I have my fingers crossed that it will look different once in the correct fabric. (A lot thinner and more flowy than the muslim)

So this week i draped the skirt (as I mentioned many many times) then as soon as I was kind of ok with it I transferred it all to paper. 

Then I watched the pirate fairy movie again and decided there’s something missing. I’m going to make the basic part of the skirt then I’ll manipulate some extra fabric on it to see if I can get that right.

Also the wig arrived this week but only today I felt like cutting  it. The wig is sooo nice. And lots of hair. Nice and full…. And longer than I needed it. I felt so bad cutting it! 

But most of my vacation week was spent being lazy and playing Lego The Force Awakens! I totally blame this game. I know I shouldn’t have bought it this week, but what can I say???? I just love Lego Games!! Lol 


Fabric Journal

I decided to make a Fabric Journal. 

I should have done this ooooh so long ago, now it feels a lot of the fabric I’ve used in all my projects are gone and I can document it on the journal. 

Oh wait. Maybe you are asking “what the he I is a fabric journal? A join all wrapped in fabric????” 


Well! That is exactly what you will find if you google “fabric journal” lol 

BUT that’s definitely not what I mean! 

My fabric journal is a something to document and save a little sample of every fabric I used in my costumes and non costume sewing projects. 

I won’t add details like what w a fly the fabric is (some of them, I confess, I don’t even remember the name haha) nor the amount used or bought because I don’t remember. 

All I want to add is what costume/project it was for, samples of the fabric used and maybe even a little picture of the finished project.

I think it will be interesting. It will be fun to make it, I’m sure! And most of all it will be a good record to keep! Memories you know?!? All the bits and pieces that came together to make one costume. 
I am excited!!!! 

Now let’s see how long it is going to last and if I will have time and energy to keep it up. Lol 

I see hope so! πŸ™‚ 

Just 1 week to go

And Connecticon is next week. 

I am still so far behind I’m not sure I can make it. 😦 fingers crossed. 

Which reminds me! Completely off topic! When I was a  kid growing up in Brazil, I used to hear people saying “cross your fingers” all the time.for luck I guess?!? Especially when you wanted something really badly. So when I did, just to make sure, I would cross  everything I could: my fingers then my arms, my legs, my toes… And even my tongue. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That’s pretty much how I am right now!!!!! Lol crossing everything just I. Case! 

I finally finished the corset and made the head band. 

I watched the movie again and figuring out some of the colors is so annoying. In many scenes the details in her headband seem to be done in a lighter color. In many others it seems dark. O.o 

Same goes with her eyes, did you notice? It looks green, hazel, light brown… 

I’ve seen most people costuming as Zarina just being with their natural eye color. I even saw a blue eyes one. But because I am silly and forgot about the eye color, and don’t have anymore time to go to the eye doctor to get a new one, I’m gonna use whatever I have. Which is probably grey (looks green on me) 

I am also beyond upset about my wings. I used gel Tac to glue the plastic because just ironing the sandwich of plastic and frame didn’t work. Looked awful. So I decided to glue it. Looks great but… The glue oxidized the wire and it has dark spots everywhere on it. 😒😒😒😒 and right now I don’t have time to make another one! 😒😒😒😒 
But I will!