Halloween party costume

So, since I am still stuck on the bits I can’t get right for the other costume, I decided it was time to step away from it a little bit and do something more fun!!!! So yesterday I started working on my Halloween costume!

I usually don’t have any energy to sew or work in costumes when I get home from work but yesterday I was done at 4pm and just couldn’t waste that time!
This year, like I said in a previous post, RICC is throwing a Halloween party! It will be epic! Like super duper epic and I am soooo excited for it!
I have to tell you a secret! I have always been crazy about Halloween. I used to plan for my costumes for a whole year (that was when I used to buy them at party city lol) But since I started costuming… It’s just not the same thing anymore. I don’t really care about it as I used to and if I have a party to go, I usually just decide the costume super last minute and it’s always something simple and not expensive. I have a huge phobia of wearing any of my expensive ones around drinks and drunk people. Especially me!
But this year I am excited about the RICC party! I actually decided on this costume while I was at dragon con!

I wanted something fun, easy to make, cheap, and above all EASY TO WEAR! Something that I can dance, and bounce and be drunk while wearing it and not risk ruining it or having sore feet or even malfunctions!
So what did I come up with???????????

A party version of Ariel’s blue skirt!


A LOT of people tell me I should do an Ariel costume! And I really mean a LOT! Even people that I don’t know!!! I know it’s because of the hair, and if I’d ever make one it would be this one! (Ok I confess! Last year I heard an interview with Michael rooker – <3 – and they asked him which one was his favorite Disney princess and he said Ariel! I think he was just throwing the only name he remembered haha but well! THAT is actually what motivated me to at least consider making an Ariel costume! Lol I know! I know! I just love that man!!!)
So the party version I thought of, is actually with a TUTU! The top part would pretty much be the same as the picture, but instead of the long skirt a tutu of the same color! And you know, one day, if I decide to make the accurate version, all I need is the skirt!

Doing it on a budget was also something I kept in mind! I was chatting with my friend ruby and he said how cool would it be if all costumers/cosplayers would make Halloween costumes in a budget of 20 bucks! That would be fun to see! I agree! I'm not sure if he is doing that but I am!

I bought the blue tule on amazon! 100 yards for 11 bucks! Free shipping! I bought blue elastic for 2 bucks also on amazon. I'm drafting the black top from scratch and only using fabric I have at home. I have enough plastic boning so I will use that as well! The shirt… I'm going to use the blue one I got for my DisneyBounding Anna! And also the blue bow I got for my DisneyBounding Belle! ( I will make a post about my Disneybounding plans soon) And my black flats!
So I spent in total 13 dollars for this costume! How cool is that????



I didn’t think I was going to use all 100 yards… I mean ONE HUNDRED YARDS! Are you kidding me, right?!? But I started cutting 24″ strips (it’s a party tutu people! I wanted short! Lol) and when I tied up the first one on the elastic… I just realized I wanted a super fluffy one!


Btw… I could totally SEW a tutu but… I’m short on time. The no sew ones looks as good and are so much faster!
Because I wanted super fluffy I doubled the strips of tule! I used 2 instead of one!


You have no idea how awesome it looks!
I wore it last night over my jeans and just hopped around in happiness screaming “I have a tutu” wondering why I waited this long to make myself one! TUTUS are awesome!
I have no clue what came to me to have this idea. I dont even remember! But I know one thing: IT WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!

Oh… And also… This costume is my “deadline” for my red hair! I’ve been thinking of dying it darker again, and I just kept postponing because of this or that convention… And then I decided I should keep it bright red for this costume so I wouldn’t have to worry about a wig! But after that… I’ll say bye bye to this brightness! :)

new costume!!!!

I have a new costume ready.

well… almost ready.

there are a few bits on the sleeves that I can’t get it right!!!

I spent days working on them, just to take them apart and do it again.

RICC is fast approaching and I am faced with a decision to make. I can totally wear the costume without the bits… but I know im gonna hate it and it’s gonna bother me, and I will be that annoying person telling everyone I see that “omg it’s missing some parts that I just couldn’t do it”. and I know myself I will just want to take it off as quick as possible and hate every picture I see of it!

But if I can’t get it right… and I decide not to wear it… i’m going to be mad at myself all weekend long because ive been planning on wearing this costume at RICC since last years con, and also not being part of the group… one person already dropped out and I will hate to be another one. =/

aawww I don’t really know what to do.

and I still need to work on the Halloween party one….



It’s NYCC weekend!!!!

Soooo! It’s October! And for any Costumer/Cosplayer around the country it means NYCC!!!!
The biggest comicon in the East Coast!

Yep! They are RIGHT when they claim that NYCC is the biggest comic convention on this side of the US, and just a few years ago I just COULDNT WAIT to attend. Not anymore!

Being a Cosplayer, when October comes, the question I hear the most is “Are you going to NYCC?”

The past 2 years I volunteered with Official Pix and basically worked all weekend, but I did save Saturday so I could dress up and have fun. Guess what? I didn’t have fun! Not like before. I had much more fun volunteering with the awesome peeps at OPix, than dressing up and walking around.


well… let’s see!!!

First of all… and you can totally call me a cosplay diva if you wish…. I don’t really mind. But the whole changing situation is just a PAIN IN THE ASS! there isn’t a changing area. But,  let me be honest here!!! NYCC does offer cosplayers a ROOM! They tell the 501st Legion that’s where we can change. At first I thought it was a 501st room, where our things would be safe. But nope. it’s an open room for cosplayers, and people working in costumes for different vendors and booths. There is no security what so ever, and last year a friend of mine had her swag bag stolen from the room. Sad. So… thanks… but no thanks! I am not leaving my belongings there. or even changing in front of a BUNCH of strangers. Ok… in all honesty AGAIN! NYCC did prepare a closed curtain area inside the room, for privacy. But lets be real here as well! not everyone in the world is mindful of the next person. Last year the group of girls changing behind the curtains just hung out there for the LONGEST TIME not giving anyone else the chance to change in privacy.

Then there’s the choice of dressing up at home and driving down.

If you dress up in costumes at a convention, or events, or whatever, you know that this sometimes is not really doable. Most costumes are uncomftable to WALK! can you imagine sit in a car for 45 minutes, 1 hour depending on traffic? being uncomfortable sometimes is the least of our problems because we are USED TO IT, am I right????? lol but sometimes…. we just DONT FIT in the car while in costume.

Sure, we can go partially dressed. I’ve done that before. but then I had to finish getting dressed quickly at the parking place, and the guys were giving me dirty looks because I was holding them up on a busy day. and of course I ended up forgetting something and had to go back and MORE dirty looks! =/

So yes! maybe it’s a bit DIVA of me, but I did get used to the conventions that are close or AT a hotel, so we can go and change in privacy!

Besides the changing situation, I think NYCC is overrated.

For me, at least, it stopped being fun in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love that conventions are becoming upper popular and much more than just comics. But in this case…. it’s just TOO MUCH!

too crowded to the point it’s just not fun to walk around. AT ALL! I remember one year being completely engulfed by a mob of people in one isle… and as I tried to walk the mob tightened up even more and I ended up with one leg up and couldn’t even PUT IT DOWN! I am sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous! not fun! and definitely not something I want to go through again.

it takes forever to do anything because every corner of the floor is packed. It also irritates me that in the past years Reed kept changing the floor layout. so annoying.

Because i’s so crowded, the BEST part of a convention for me ends up NOT HAPPENING, which is hanging out with my friends. it’s hard. everything anyone wants to do takes too long. Lines are out of this world, and it ends up leaving us with little or no time to hang out! and I don’t like that!

The only thing that I really enjoy at NYCC is the walking dead panel. Thanks to a great friend of mine, I have watched it for the past 4 years…

This year when, again, I didn’t go after a tkt and it got sold out, missing the panel was the only thing that was making me sad. =( it became our tradition and it’s soooo much fun!!!!!! Even though I completely make a fool out of myself screaming like a little girl and freaking out like a insane fangirl! lol ask my friend!!!!!

So… yeah! I am going to NYCC. Not because of the con itself. Not even the celebrities because the only one I cared for is going today only. and I can’t go today =( Not even to dress up. Just for the panel!!!!!

I hope to see you there if you are going… but if not!!! hope to see you at RICC! Cause THAT is a fun con!!!! =D



Sew, sew, all day long

I am freaking out here.
RICC is coming too fast! And I have an event tomorrow, and next weekend is NYCC, then there’s only ONE WEEKEND before RICC!

I haven’t even finished the costume I have been planning for a WHOLE YEAR! Or done a makeup test which is such a HUGE part of this costume!
To make things worse I decided I want another costume for the con!
AND I havent even started on the Halloween one!

So I spent Friday afternoon, and woke up Saturday at 7:30 and sewed all freaking day!

Drafting and sewing the sleeves took most part of the day tho so in still not as far ahead as I would like!







RICC Halloween Party!!!

Rhode Island Comic Con is on November 1st and 2nd, so on October 31st (Halloween yeeeey) they are having a super AWESOME Halloween bash!
I am really, really excited for this, but to tell you the truth I do not like the idea of wearing any of my costumes at a Halloween party!
They are expensive! I put a lot of time and effort on those costumes and the idea of hoping around wearing any of them, close to drunk people holding drinks… Doesn’t seem like a good idea! :/

So I am making a party version if a costume people keep telling me to make! Mostly because of my hair!
It will be simple! Cheap! And most of all COMFORTABLE! No wigs! No high heels!
So I can party ALL NIGHT LOOOOONG!!!!!


This is the fabric I got to make it! Can you guess what it is???? ;)

Imperial Hats!

Soooo what did you guys do in your weekend???
I made 2 hats!!!! Because… I want to go to NYCC! Lol let me explain!
Every year I mess up my chances to go to NYCC! I don’t even know why! I ALWAYS just don’t even think of buying tkts until I hear they are sold out.
And I’m going to tell you the truth. I think it’s just PRETTY STUPID how quickly those tkts sell out.
I have this theory that they put just a portion of tkts on sale in the beginning, so later on they can put them in the “black market” and sell them for 2x, 3x the price!
They know people are doing that anyways, and making money with their stuff so why wouldn’t they make some more money as well?!?
That makes sense in my mind! And I know I am full of crazy theories hahah but still. It pisses me off.

Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to keep me away from NYCC! Lol
It’s just not fun anymore.
And believe me, I enjoy a crowded popular con any time. But NYCC for me got to a point that it’s no fun crowded. It’s just overrated.
The past 2 years I only went and had fun because I was working!

This year I’m not working! And dressing up is just too much of a hassle . I don’t want to drive in costume. There’s no place to change… The room NYCC offers us (501st) ended up being a public dressing room and my friend got her stuff stolen last year. It sucks.
So not dressing up for me either.

But it did break my heart the fact that for the first time in 4 years I was going to miss the walking dead panel!
For me, that’s the ONLY cool thing at NYCC!

So I made a deal with a friend who had an extra tkt!
He needed an Imperial Officer’s hat, and I needed a tkt! Lol
I don’t do commissions you know?
And I hate when I feel trapped by friends to make them stuff!
It’s really not a matter of money because they all offer to pay (I have good friends)
But I won’t get in details on that now.

But this ended up being a good deal!
I made 2 hats because my friend never measured his head :/
One is medium the other one is large. Which ever I have left will be on sale! $30!!!! But there’s already 3 people interested! Lol




So this was my weekend!!!! :)