i just have to talk about…

GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY!!!! (I know I mainly talk about costumes here but… I just have to… so bear with me!!!)


this whole entire year, this was the only movie I actually wanted to watch. And Divergent, of course!!!!

but as super heroes movies go, I wasn’t even interested in Captain America. I haven’t even seen it yet! Or Thor. I haven’t even watched the first one yet. (I fell asleep 3 times trying to watch it, in 3 different days, then I gave up!)

But Guardians… I have waited for this movie very patiently since Michael Rooker got the part! (he plays Yondu)

If you know me well, you know I have a mighty crush on Mr Sexy Rooker! So big of a crush that HE knows it!!!! (I mean… I did forget my name when he asked me!!!! so yep! he knows!!!!)

I confess I didn’t know much about the Guardians! I’ve seen pictures online many times, mostly when I was researching super heroes. and I had seen Gamora many times (I don’t really like her comic book costume, which makes me sooooo freaking greatful for the people that design the costumes for movies. Glad they stayed really far away from her comic version) but besides that I knew nothing!

I bought GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY: LEGACY a few months back, and might have read 3 pages of it (i’m not a big fan of Warlock and every time he speaks in the comics I fall asleep hahah) so I went to the movies knowing very little, close to nothing about this band of heroes.

Also, I am really sorry to say this but even though I was super excited about this movie (mainly because of Rooker) I have VERY low expectations for it… because of James Gunn. Nothing personal, really, but honestly… what has he done? I don’t even know! besides SLITHER that is. and I HATE that movie. So… how could I expect anything?!?!

There were so many things I thought could go wrong on this movie!!!!

Rocket Raccon was one of them!

first, I already thought having a Racoon as super hero was pretty silly to begin with (before I read the comics that it) and I thought depending how that was approached for a movie… it could end p being pretty ridiculous!

imagesWhat an amazing surprise!!!!!!!

Rocket was PRETTY DARN COOL! everything about this movie was an amazing surprise!!!! REALLY!!!!!

Great characters, amazing action! Soooo funny!!!! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in a super hero movie!! and the references to so much pop culture… the Footlose story was too funny!! And John Stamos in the list of bad guys?!?! hahah I have no idea why, but funny! And the soundtrack??? So Awesome!!!!

guardians-galaxy-nebula-karen-gillanAnother nice surprise, for me at least, was to see sweet sweet Amy Pond, as bad ass villain Nebula! and she rocked it! and of course I cant just NOT mention her outfit and make up! that was pretty cool!

I almost wish I was bald and could pull this costume off!!!!

guardians-of-the-galaxy-new-set-pictures (1)


Rooker ended up being on screen much more than I expected, which was also a nice surprise, and not to mention HE is the one who saves the hero at one point (no spoilers so I won’t say anything else)






For a while now I can’t really watch any movie without paying close attention to costumes and makeup, and one that really caught my attention was Drax’. It’s not really the costume, but the marking’s on his body. I spent a great amount of time wondering how they made that and how long it took to make him look like Drax every day! oh and Drax is funny! the bit with the finger on the throat was just too funny!



guardians-of-the-galaxy-the-collector-tanaleer-tivan-benicio-del-toroAnd talking about costumes!!! I can’t wait to see the Collector at cons! just because it’s such a fun, over the top costume!!! I can’t wait to see people’s versions of it!!!! And Benicio DelToro looked pretty… hahahah well!!!! you can see it for yourself! haha



And now… let’s just say it! GROOT! who ever thought a character… a tree actually… that speaks only one sentence throughout the WHOLE movie could be so awesome!?! The BEST actually! I just love Groot and I never thought a tree and a raccoon could end up being the most badass duo EVER!!!!


They are!!! and Rooker can forgive me but they were my favorite!!! Groot especially!!!!

I stayed all the way to the end of the credits, as we all know it is a Marvel movie tradition to have so quick, but awesome, after credits scene. well this time was a waste of time. I know some people who have enjoyed the “nod to an old marvel character”, but I just thought it was stupid. I got used to, and learned to expect, something that will introduce a movie coming out soon, related to this marvel super hero universe they have been working so hard to create! Like Thanos at the end of the Avengers… you know??? oh Lord! how disappointing. Very disappointing! everybody that stayed on the theater seemed to not like it as I could hear most of them complaining.

But… the little scene right before the credits!!! COME ON!!! that was the best!! even better than the beaten up heroes eating shawarma!!!


I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!!! if the don’t come out with a dancing baby groot soon, I am going to be very mad!!!!!!!


Well… this post is too long already!!! And I have pretty much declared my love for Guardians already, so I am going to end it here! I hope you guys have enjoyed the movIe as much as I did, and if you haven’t seen it yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!

But before I go… I have to say this!!! hahah not complaining… really not complaining because I LOVE Sean Gunn! he is one funny actor!!!!

but… let’s be honest here!!! I am SURE Sean got some extra close ups in this movie because he is James Gunn’s little brother!!!!! hahaha


Costume Contest



Hey guys!!!!!!! Awesome news!!!! I am organizing the costume contest at this year’s ComiCONN!!!

how cool is that???

and LOOK at this judge panel I put together!!!!!!! an amazing group of talented cosplayers, who have been in this hobby for years!!!!!! They KNOW their stuff, ill tell ya!!!!!

This will be one for the books, and we all want to see you there!!!!!

Saturday! August 16th at 4pm at the Harbor Room!

Pre registration ONLY

Registration will happen only on the day of the contest, from 10am to 3pm.

Contest rules can be found HERE (scroll down to Costume Contest rules)

We cant wait to see you all there!!!!

Costume making ADHD????

Am I the only one who has it?????
I’m in the middle of working in a costume then I get sidetracked with the idea of another one!
And if I get to save enough money to start buying stuff for the next one (yes! Because! Instead of going on stuff like kickstarter, or Gofundme, or whatever, assuming people out there will pay for MY costumes, I actually WORK! And save up MY money! And make what I can afford! And if I can’t afford it I wait! Then save up some more! But that’s just me! If people like to just go online and beg strangers for money for costumes… Who am I to say anything!?!)

Sooooo if I save up enough money to start buying stuff! Then that’s IT! I get totally distracted and want to work on the next one! :/

I am in the middle of my Wonder Woman #2, and still have to sew a bunch of beads on the update of version 1! Right? Right?
I got enough money to buy all the last things I need for a new costume for RICC! I already had fabric pieces and gloves, hat etc! All I needed was body paint! Prosthetics! Contact lenses!

And now! I got it all!
It’s soooo sooo freaking exciting that I just want to start working on it!
But I should probably work on my wonder women first! Right? Right!!!!
But… But…. I just can’t stop thinking of the other one! And all those super cool stuff I get to work with, that I never did before! Like prosthetics!

Oh my lord! Body paint! How super exciting is that!!!!!!

But Wonder Woman :S

See? I just can’t concentrate in only one thing!

And in the mean time I’ll just stare at this load of exciting goods while I decide which costume I’m gonna work on next!!!


OMG it’s soooo awesome!!!!


Originality you say???

So! What’s that????
Sometimes I wonder! Because I hear people saying that a lot about costumes these days on the con floor!
What does it mean to be original?!?
Doing something NO ONE else does just to be unique?
Ok! I get that and I do not disagree!

But… What if this costume that no one else does is not where your HEART is?!?
You still have to do it for the sake if being “original”????

Let’s face it peoples! This hobby is NOT cheap! It involves money, lots of time and hard work if you make your own stuff and just doesn’t commission it!
We all know that!

Because of that huge commitment I tend to chose my costumes based in what I love! Despite the fact that I may find 100000000 of the same costume on the con floor!

Who cares?

I don’t!!!! Because that’s what I love! I’m not going to spend money and time on some obscure costume no one ever seen just so some people can find me original!
I rather do what I love and I hope people out there can do the same without giving in to peer pressure.
It’s our money and our time and our costumes!
If you want to be the 193736277181th Spider-Man at comic con?!? Why not???

If we think if it deeper none of us are originals at all anyways! Unless we create our own characters, design its own costume… Then you are an original in the best sense of the word!!!! ;)

We should all do things for ourselves, and not because of how people are going to judge us! Not just in costuming, but in life!!!!

So go! Be happy! Make what you love! And Ill be here, working on my SECOND Wonder Woman costume and one of 182636171891836362716181981626161 at a con! Because I love her! <3

I love you WORBLA!!!

Soooo worbla is just awesome!!!!
Like seriously cool!!!!

If you don’t know what worbla is, it’s this thermoplastic thingie! (Sorry for the very technical terms hahah)
It comes in sheets of different a sizes and you can find a link to buy it here!
The worbla gets soft when heated and you can pretty much do anything with it!!!

This is a very lazy explanation of what’s worbla! Hahah but check it out on the website and you will understand it better!!!

I’m loving working with it because finally I get to make an armor like Wonder Woman!!!
I started months ago and made some patterns, cut the foam, etc etc.
And this weekend I decided to at least finish it all!



I got this chocolate mold on amazon and it’s perfect for the stars! But then I made a mistake of putting the worbla in the mold without covering it up with something. I COULDN’T GET IT OUT!!!
So i tried again, this time covering the mold with a piece of plastic. Voi la! Easy peasy! (Oh if you heat up little scraps of worbla it sort of turns into something like play dough. That’s what I put in the mold!)

I had made a tiara before using 2 pieces of worbla with the foam in the middle. And I also made it longer, almost wrapping around my head. It was too long and too thick. Sooooo I made a new one!!!



The belt came up a bit bigger than I actually wanted but in the end I’m sticking with it. I made a little mistake on the top and may need the belt to cover it up IF I can’t fix it!!!!!




I had made the eagle with craft foam a long time ago. I had also “sculpted” the center of the bird that is raised on the chest plate. I figured I would form the craft foam and worbla in too of it! But when I sat down to really think about it, it wouldn’t work.
So I made a new Eagle out of foam. Then I glued the sculpted part on the center of it with hot glue, then I glued the stripe pieces (that would give that effect of ittle gap lines on it) over the whole thing!!!
Worked perfectly!!!!


Then the tedious part of covering everything with gesso!

I’m using the gesso to help out make it smooth. I hope it works cause it’s a lot of boring work!
I am not even sure how many layers of gesso I have to give it. So far I’ve done 4!
I may just give another 2 or so!
Then it’s sanding sanding sanding! :/

Mac was not impressed with me working all weekend. Hahah
Isn’t he cute?

Happy 4th!!!!!

Anyone doing anything this weekend????
I am!
Staying home and sewing!!!!

What?!? That’s something!!!! Lol
At least for me it is!!!!! :D

I usually like to stay home because of the fireworks! I don’t want to leave my puppy alone!

And due to many many reasons (all fun exciting ones) I decided to dress up at ComiCONN this August, so I relaxed a bit with my Wonder Woman projects and decided to make myself some cute geeky tops to wear at the con!!!!
Because let’s face it! I am sure my con friends might be tired already of seeing me in blackmilk!!!! Lol (LOVE BLACKMILK!!!!!)

First!!! Super Heroes! How cool is this fabric???? I found it at walmart!






And a little bow to match!!!

Mr Mac got all jealous that I gave the sewing machine more attention than I gave him hahaha