Originality you say???

So! What’s that????
Sometimes I wonder! Because I hear people saying that a lot about costumes these days on the con floor!
What does it mean to be original?!?
Doing something NO ONE else does just to be unique?
Ok! I get that and I do not disagree!

But… What if this costume that no one else does is not where your HEART is?!?
You still have to do it for the sake if being “original”????

Let’s face it peoples! This hobby is NOT cheap! It involves money, lots of time and hard work if you make your own stuff and just doesn’t commission it!
We all know that!

Because of that huge commitment I tend to chose my costumes based in what I love! Despite the fact that I may find 100000000 of the same costume on the con floor!

Who cares?

I don’t!!!! Because that’s what I love! I’m not going to spend money and time on some obscure costume no one ever seen just so some people can find me original!
I rather do what I love and I hope people out there can do the same without giving in to peer pressure.
It’s our money and our time and our costumes!
If you want to be the 193736277181th Spider-Man at comic con?!? Why not???

If we think if it deeper none of us are originals at all anyways! Unless we create our own characters, design its own costume… Then you are an original in the best sense of the word!!!! ;)

We should all do things for ourselves, and not because of how people are going to judge us! Not just in costuming, but in life!!!!

So go! Be happy! Make what you love! And Ill be here, working on my SECOND Wonder Woman costume and one of 182636171891836362716181981626161 at a con! Because I love her! <3

I love you WORBLA!!!

Soooo worbla is just awesome!!!!
Like seriously cool!!!!

If you don’t know what worbla is, it’s this thermoplastic thingie! (Sorry for the very technical terms hahah)
It comes in sheets of different a sizes and you can find a link to buy it here!
The worbla gets soft when heated and you can pretty much do anything with it!!!

This is a very lazy explanation of what’s worbla! Hahah but check it out on the website and you will understand it better!!!

I’m loving working with it because finally I get to make an armor like Wonder Woman!!!
I started months ago and made some patterns, cut the foam, etc etc.
And this weekend I decided to at least finish it all!



I got this chocolate mold on amazon and it’s perfect for the stars! But then I made a mistake of putting the worbla in the mold without covering it up with something. I COULDN’T GET IT OUT!!!
So i tried again, this time covering the mold with a piece of plastic. Voi la! Easy peasy! (Oh if you heat up little scraps of worbla it sort of turns into something like play dough. That’s what I put in the mold!)

I had made a tiara before using 2 pieces of worbla with the foam in the middle. And I also made it longer, almost wrapping around my head. It was too long and too thick. Sooooo I made a new one!!!



The belt came up a bit bigger than I actually wanted but in the end I’m sticking with it. I made a little mistake on the top and may need the belt to cover it up IF I can’t fix it!!!!!




I had made the eagle with craft foam a long time ago. I had also “sculpted” the center of the bird that is raised on the chest plate. I figured I would form the craft foam and worbla in too of it! But when I sat down to really think about it, it wouldn’t work.
So I made a new Eagle out of foam. Then I glued the sculpted part on the center of it with hot glue, then I glued the stripe pieces (that would give that effect of ittle gap lines on it) over the whole thing!!!
Worked perfectly!!!!


Then the tedious part of covering everything with gesso!

I’m using the gesso to help out make it smooth. I hope it works cause it’s a lot of boring work!
I am not even sure how many layers of gesso I have to give it. So far I’ve done 4!
I may just give another 2 or so!
Then it’s sanding sanding sanding! :/

Mac was not impressed with me working all weekend. Hahah
Isn’t he cute?

Happy 4th!!!!!

Anyone doing anything this weekend????
I am!
Staying home and sewing!!!!

What?!? That’s something!!!! Lol
At least for me it is!!!!! :D

I usually like to stay home because of the fireworks! I don’t want to leave my puppy alone!

And due to many many reasons (all fun exciting ones) I decided to dress up at ComiCONN this August, so I relaxed a bit with my Wonder Woman projects and decided to make myself some cute geeky tops to wear at the con!!!!
Because let’s face it! I am sure my con friends might be tired already of seeing me in blackmilk!!!! Lol (LOVE BLACKMILK!!!!!)

First!!! Super Heroes! How cool is this fabric???? I found it at walmart!






And a little bow to match!!!

Mr Mac got all jealous that I gave the sewing machine more attention than I gave him hahaha


Wizard World Philly – 2014

I know I may have said this before many times but! Here is the deal!
Philly is one if my favorite cons!
For many many reasons!

It’s ALWAYS fun! They always have great guests! Most of my Con family is there so I get to see them all! The venue is great! The hotel is awesome! The parties are fun! An the con is BIG! But not super overwhelming!

The funny thing this year is that I basically spent more time out of costume than in costume! That’s a first for me! Lol
I brought 3 but ended up wearing just one!

Tiana all day Saturday! Unfortunately a good chunk of the day was spent getting ready (damn that takes forever) and in lines!
3 long excruciating painful hours in line for Matt Smith’s autograph :(
I hate doing these things in costume! Even the easy ones! But with all the issues that happened with lines and stuff, I had no other choice!

I probably never mentioned this before, but this costume is PRETTY HEAVY. And with the new petticoat, it’s even heavier. I am guessing between 6 and 8 lbs. :S
I was dumb tho! I didn’t foresee some issues and I do believe foreseeing issues that can happen on the con floor is part of costume design. But I missed this one big time.
This petticoat is tied up with a string! I tied it up nicely and tight, but it was still comfortable! I didn’t think about the weight of the dress on it! The dress pulled the petticoat down a little bit and string literally cut into my skin on my waist. :(
I couldn’t sit down. I couldn’t do anything, and after a while getting that autograph was a matter of honor! Otherwise the whole pain I endured until then would have been for nothing! It hurt soooo much!

I swear I thought Tiana was trying to kill me! :(
After standing in line for 3 hours I had to rush to the costume contest and probably stood on another like for around 2 more hours! :/
It was rough!
I got bruises on my waist and the right side hasn’t stopped hurting yet!
This is literally a tears and blood kind of hobby isn’t it???

But I guess it ends up being all worth it!
Matt personalized my picture although he wasn’t doing it! We got to chat a bit and he even spoke a little Portuguese! :)
And in the contest!!!! This happened!


I was soooooo nervous I looked absolutely stupid on stage! Had no courage to look at the judges like a normal person and my voice barely came out when the judges asked me questions!
So not me!
I wasn’t expecting the contest to be sooooo big like it was. I ALMOST died when we finally got into the room and it was huge and PACKED, and all the cameras and stuff!! I swear! I almost gave up! I don’t even understand WHY I didn’t walk away! Hahaha

But I’m glad I went through it! It was fun! And worth it!
And this costume was sooooo much work, and still is (getting ready IS a pain) and it’s soooo heavy… It was nice to have people admiring and recognizing all that hard work!!!!

Thank you Philly and wizard world for another unbelievable weekend!!!!!!

Eagle feathers

Wonder Woman v1 has been one of my favorite costumes ever to wear!
It was the second one I have ever made, and I honestly don’t even care if Wonder Woman has been done by everyone all the time. I am a firm believer that in costuming anyone should wear what makes them happy! You know? It’s your money! It’s your time! It’s your body! And as long as you are not hurting anyone just wear what makes you happy!
Making costumes is not an easy peasy hobby. It’s time consuming and above all it’s MONEY CONSUMING!
So it makes no sense to me to not make something you are passionate about! You have to!
That’s what makes it all worth it, you know?
So yes! You go to a convention and you see 100000937636277288 Wonder Women walking around! SO WHAT?
I will gladly be one of them!
(We all see 62737473829919172738393971718839717738849493827161616829394847373781827271717 slave leias everywhere and I don’t see anyone complaining!!!! Lol)
So… Yeeeyyyy for Wonder Woman!!!!
br />
When I made this costume I used red satin for the corset! It’s the perfect shade of red, but satin is not the nicest of the fabrics! But remember!!! This was just the second costume I ever made!! Satin seemed like a very good choice at the time!
But not this time around! ;)
I chose a red tafetta this time! It still has some sheen to it, but not as much as satin!
I bought it online tho, without ordering a swatch so the shade is a bit darker than I expected but that’s ok!
What was more important to me with this remaking was to get the eagle as close to the original as possible!
I call it eagle that bird she has on her chest! ;)
Most of the images I had before were like this

And I could see there were some details there but I didn’t pay much attention to it!
After the costume was done and ready I found a couple of pictures that were more detailed and I knew right away one day I would have to work on it and the time has come my friends!!!!!

Lynne from http://www.sewingcafewithlynne.com has done some amazing work! She and her husband Chuck are amazing! They make incredible screen accurate Batman and Robin (1966) costumes, as well as Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman! Among other things of course! They had access to the original patterns and also got details on how the originals were made from the costume designers on the shows! How cool is that?
So Lynne had some really nice pictures of HER work and I am using that as a base for my new one!

Lynne’s beading work is impressive and beautiful and I am sure I won’t get mine to look half as good as hers, but I am trying!
Of course right off the bat I couldn’t find the exact beads I see on hers but I am making it work with what I found!
Now it’s the tedious work of sewing these beads :/
I hate hand sewing and every time I sit down to do this I question myself WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?
the answer is always the same! Cause I am CRAZY!
Here is one of my feathers!

Now… Let me get back to work!

Wonder Women

Yes! WOMEN! Plural!
Cause you know I am obsessed. Lol
I may even make another one after I finish this one! Why not right????

So I spent the whole weekend sitting on my ass sewing since Friday night! Well i did take my dog to the vet Saturday at 5pm, then Sunday I did run to the grocery store to get paper towel! ( most necessary item in a household where dogs use wee wee pads lol) but besides that, seriously! On. My. Ass. Sewing. :)

I started Friday night redesigning the eagle on Lynda Carter’s version, or as I like to call it: v1.0
I made this costume 4 years ago and I knew that the eagle was not exactly how I wanted. Since then I have been saving pictures of details of that part and now, that all the boning are coming out of my corset lol I decided to make a new one! Not just redo the eagle but make a new corset all together. Which I finished last week. This one is more like a real corset instead of a fashion one (first time I used spiral an steel boning on a corset!
It’s heavy! Lol
I’m also going to try to lace it properly! Let’s see how it will work!
Anyways. I don’t have that many pics of the corset construction, cause I worked on it at night after work when my phone is basically dead hahah but here is one pic! The red is also a bit darker and nicer fabric! Not shiny satin like the old one!


Oh and that’s the penguin!!! Naaah the center if the eagle. Hopefully with the feathers it won’t look so much like a penguin! :)

I drew the whole eagle and then based in the pics I had I separated feather by feather and drew them. I used a stabilizer under the gold lame because I intend to sew beads in it!
And that was all I did Friday night! Cause it took forever and I worked on it until 2am.

Then Saturday I worked on v2.0 remember I was stuck on the cups right! I never knew cups on a corset could be so difficult!!! :/ probably it’s because it’s my own pattern hahah and I messed it up when drafting the boobie area! Haha oh well!
Then on my 5th attempt I decided to take the cups off of a bra. Just the cups! Not the wire and stuff. And also instead of sewing like right side together then flipping clipping all that! I decided to sew the cup over it! Does it make sense?
Well it did to me and it worked!



The top front and back (and lining) took me all Saturday! :/ wish I was fast like everybody at project runway! :(
And Sunday I worked on the cups and boning channels.


I also made the bottom but they are too big. Because the fabric is not as soft as the top it can’t be big at all it it will look weird! :/ so now I have to trim it where it needs to. Mostly crotch lol
I forgot to take pics of it! :/

And!!! When I was done for the night last nigh I realized I may not even bring it to Philly with me!
Not because I may not finish it, but because… I got tkts for Saturday and Sunday! Right? I usually don’t dress up on Sundays cause it’s too much!
I’m bringing Tiana, which takes me forever to get into so it’s not the kind of costume I’d wear for just half a day!
Which means…. I’ll wear it Saturday all day! Then… That’s it!
I’ll still bring my new poison ivy and robin! But probably won’t have time to wear either!
Oh well!
I guess it will be a princess kind of wizard world! :P


Holy freaking crap!!!!!
Every year I don’t buy tkts for Wizard World Philadelphia in advance. I did once and when I got there the line for people that pre bought it was huuuuuge!!!! So I never did it again!!!!

BIG MISTAKE this year and I was this close to not having tkts at all!!!! :(
You know???? It’s all Matt Smith’s fault! Like! Seriously!!!!!
Since they announced he will be in Philly tkts are flying out the window, door, everything!!!!

So if you are planning on going get your tkts as fast as you can. Saturday is almost sold out. And there are no more 4 day passes (which were cheaper than buying individual days even if you were not planning on going all 4 days!)

See y’all in Philly!!!!!!

(Btw, I am well aware of how silly it is that the scariest thing that happened to me in a long while was not having tkts for a comic book convention!!!! Lol yep! I am also well aware that life is pretty darn good when all I have to worry about are wizard world tkts!!!!! Yep! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!)