DragonCon- the final day!

For me that is!!!
What can I say besides that this is insane!
Crazy huge!
People party way too much at night and then no one wakes up early in the morning!
I stayed up at the dance party/rave until 4am and still woke up at 7:45! O.o
What the hell is wrong with me???

I was bored out of my mind until 9ish then I took off on my own! I can’t sleep at cons! That’s just how it is!

My friends and I took the day to see everything we didn’t see all weekend and that pretty much meant everything else besides the lobbies at the Marriott and the Hyatt!

The artist alley was in a building 2 blocks away! O.o
And one of the rooms had a huge line to get in! TO GET IN! TO GO SHOPPING!!! WTF??????

And the heat! Holy crap the freaking heat! :/

I don’t want to be one to complain too much! But one of the things I enjoy about cons is really not having to deal with the weather outside in costume!
And at DC it’s just impossible!
Absolutely impossible!
I thought I was going to pass out outside wearing my Tiana! My fake eyelashes got loose… That’s how freaking hot it was!

I wonder how many of those people walking around at dragon con actually opened their mouths to complain about celebration happening in Orlando in august!
I mean! Yes! August in Orlando is brutal! But anyone could go about days without actually stepping outside! I know I did! Just my cae in for mcdonalds coffee that actually for me outside on the 3rd day!
But at dragon con you got no choice!
You gotta go outside.

Oh well! What can we do right?!? Nothing! So we melt! Cause DC is a super fun con! Not gonna deny it!






Dragon con – Saturday

Damn it was a bitch to wake up!
:( from Thursday to Friday I literally. I might have slept for 3 hours.
Then I walked all day and parties all night I till around 4am.

But Saturday is the day of the famous dragon con parade, and I was marching as robin with my friends ruby and Jenn (batman and batgirl)

Now… Let me tell you something!
That thing is huge! So many people watching it, so many people marching in it!!!
It was amazing!!!!



I even got to sit down inside the speed racer car!!!!



After the parade I got Tiana on.
I still need to figure out how to keep the sides of the wig on. :/ they just lift it up!!! :/
The Disney shoot was pretty badly organized but still it was fun (taking the heat away that is because that was not fun!)

As soon as I was walking the con floor to find my way to the photoshoot I found another Tiana and a shadow man! Yeeeey


It was soooo hot though, and all those layers!
Btw, I need to figure out a better situation with the petticoat and stuff. I just can’t walk without stepping on it.





I looooved those stairs and the whole look at the place!!! So cool!

And after that,I was sooo hot and sweaty I went back to the room, showered and decided to be a sexy TK!





The best part of the day, probably the whole weekend, was meeting actor Tony Curran!!! He played Vincent Van Gogh on an episode of Doctor Who, and now played Datak Tarr on Defiance.
He called me and my friend Neil who was dressed up as a sandtrooper, to take a pic with us!
He is awesome and I got to have my fan girl moment telling him how much I LOVE his Van Gogh!

And if you think I was done dressing up for the day???? WROOOONG!
Hahah even tho it was a mixture of regular clothes and costumes!
I wore the superman corset I made last weekend!


Then that was it! But it was a looooong night!

Dragon Con! My first day!

Let me tell you one thing!

And WOW!
I am highly overwhelmed. I have never seen anything this big before. I mean! I hear people saying it was big, but this is beyond what I imagined!


This is the lobby area at the Marriott, the hotel we stayed. Can you believe this?!? It was this packed every day. Day and night! A little less during the day but pretty much like that! People just walking around, or posing for pictures.
So many good costumes! Amazing ones as well! Crazy mashups, like Star Wars disney princesses, and Star Wars pulp fiction.
A lot of bad ones too! It seems to me party city costumes are becoming epidemic. They are everywhere :/
And also naked people.
I said in my fb! I don’t consider underwear a costume. They all looked cute and hot. But that’s not a costume.


The first costume I were aty first dragon con was my new poison ivy.

I had only worn it once before, and felt very self conscious. But at d*c where everyone seemed to be more naked than covered… It seemed appropriate.


I guess I’m still not too comfortable in that costume because I didn’t even take a full body pic of myself. O.o
And I’m not looking for it hahaa
Oh well! Lol





I joined ruby, heather and Suki on the Gotham photoshoot!
It was sooo hot it was great to be half naked! Haah

After that, I wasn’t going to wear anything. I wanted to walk around a bit and that’s what we did for a whole. But my poison ivy boots killed my feet so much even my regular boots were killing me. Soooo I had an idea.
I brought my ctg cheerleader outfit and it was the only one I could wear sneakers with! Yeeeeey hooray!
I didn’t even care if no one would get it.
Although, all 501st that saw it, got it right away!!!!




Dragon Con, here I am!!!!

After a 14 hour drive it was awesome to NOT have to stand in line for 3 hours to get my badge!!!!


My friend Ruby is the Dragon Con Master, so I pretty much followed him around! When I didn’t… I got lost! Hahah


On the way to Dragon Con

Alright folks! This is it! After packing for 2 weeks, sewing madness, almost giving up going on the very last minute, I am on my way to dragon con, in Atlanta, Georgia!

I am pretty excited and a bit scared as well!

Scared like… I think I better not drink too much and go off on my own doing all the crazy shit I do at other cons! Then I’ll be fine! Lol









14 hour drive peoples!!! So don’t even say one shit about our faces! Hahha

Let’s sew

There is a bunch of things I want to finish for dragon con!

But some of them, I just had to be realistic and make peace with the fact I can’t finish it in time.

The new Wonder Woman! I wanted to wear it sooo badly at dragon con, but… The fabric for the bottom didn’t work out! My plan B for it didn’t work out either, so I went with a plan C! A sort of mix and match of pieces of the old and the new versions! Let’s see.

I also got a better fabric for the white petals on my Tiana dress. I have always wanted to get the bridal satin instead of the regular cheap star satin! But when I was buying the fabric I spent $30 a yard on the green one and decided to save up some cash by getting the cheap satin. I has to compromise. I knew that sooner or later I would update those parts.

It didn’t look bad with the cheaper fabric. At least I think it didn’t. But it would definitely look much better with the nicer one. It always does. Isn’t it the secret of a good costume anywhere???

So yeah! I spent $100 bucks on more fabric for the updates. I cut all the petals, sewn them together…

And then, instead of finishing everything by attaching them to the dress.. NOOOOO! I decided to do something else! Hahah

A while ago I’ve seen this pretty cute corset online. It was like a shirt opening up on the chest and revealing the superman sign on it! Sooo adorable!
I always wanted to try and make one!
I had even bought a men’s button up shirt to try to reproduce the corset but I never has time or the motivation to do it!
Well! Motivation hit me on the head when I was working on the petals. So I started working on the corset, planning to wear it at dragon con!




I do have a lot of commercial patterns for corsets! I still even have the one I used for my Wonder Woman costume, which I love, but somehow I was not happy with any of them and making alterations to fit what I intended to do ended up being a lot more work! So I drafted my own pattern using my trusty dressform, Coco!


Mockup looked good and fit Coco perfectly! So I went on to make the real thing!


Mr. McDreamy was pretty impressed! Lol





I have to confess! I was pretty impressed on how it looked just like the original! I don’t even know who made the original one because all I found were posts on Pinterest, and I never followed the trail to find out where the original post came from! I guess I should do it now, so I can give the person proper credit, right?!

I just love how it came out! I can’t wait to wear it at Dragon Con! I think I’m going to get me some Clark Kent glasses as well!